*1W* 2022 Andre & Michel Quenard "Les Abymes" Vin de Savoie (Savoy, FR)

Weight: 1W

Varietal: Jacquère

Region: Savoie, France

Nestled in the pristine Alpine landscapes, the vineyards of Savoie benefit from a unique microclimate and mineral-rich soils, which impart distinctive character to the grapes. "Les Abymes" is a celebration of this terroir, showcasing the purity and finesse of the Savoie region's indigenous grape varieties.

Andre & Michel Quenard's commitment to sustainable viticulture and traditional winemaking techniques shines through in every bottle of "Les Abymes." Hand-harvested grapes are gently pressed, and the juice undergoes a slow, cool fermentation to preserve the wine's vibrant aromatics and flavors. The result is a wine that perfectly captures the essence of Savoie's pristine environment.