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    Our Values

    • The Urban Grape is a concierge-style wine, beer, and spirits store focusing on exemplary customer service. What sets UG apart from its competition is that we will go above and beyond to provide our customers with warmth, hospitality, clear communication, and the best products available.
    • All are welcome at The Urban Grape. We pride ourselves on our “no wine snobs” mentality and our inclusive approach to wine sales. Too often, wine is seen as an elite and exclusive beverage. At UG, we believe there is a wine for everyone.
    • While we may have our personal preferences, we are always excited to meet the customer where they are on their wine journey and help them to drink progressively over their lifetime.
    • “Drink Progressively” has many meanings. The first relates to our proprietary Progressive Scale, which presents wine by its body instead of by its region or varietal. But this phrase also represents the idea that wine palates change and grow with time and that a person’s wine journey is infinite. Lastly, it refers to our belief that wine is for everyone, including those who previously have not seen themselves as welcomed wine consumers.
    • The Urban Grape is an equal opportunity employer with regards to race, gender, sexuality, and other protected classes.
    • This equal opportunity also extends to forms of wine education - we took non-traditional paths to learn about wine and follow our passion for this industry. You do not need to be a Sommelier to work at The Urban Grape. Additionally, your education will always continue while at UG, and we will work with our employees to help advance their careers after their time with us.
    • Because we are a group of diverse people with different life experiences, sometimes misunderstandings or conflicts arise. We ask everyone to have an open heart and trust in transparent dialogue to solve these issues and to come from a place of learning and growth. We believe in teamwork and open communication. We ask that everyone contributes to a healthy and supportive work environment. When it comes to selling wine, no one knows everything. The help you give a peer one day is the help you will receive from that peer the next day.
    • Most importantly, we believe in self-advocacy. The Urban Grape’s owners and upper management have an open-door policy, but you must be willing to walk through the door and talk to us. We welcome discussions about growth within the company, ideas you may have about how we do business, or other conversations - even if they are difficult ones. We ask that you come with ideas and solutions, and a written action plan never hurts!
    • All performance reviews, raises, promotions, and other opportunities will factor in how well you are exemplifying The Urban Grape’s company values, as well as more tangible goals. Living our company values should be seen as a daily exercise.