The Urban Sampler

Palate-friendly picks that are easy-drinking and approachable

We select wines you can keep on hand for dinners with family and friends while expanding your palate and introducing you to diverse winemakers.

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The Urban Connoisseur

Elevated picks that delve a bit deeper and help to expand palates further

For those looking to deepen their connection to wine and winemakers while growing their collection, the Urban Connoisseur takes wine exploration to the next level.

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Monthly Theme Examples:

Island Wines

New Wine Regions

Women in Wine

LGBTQ+ Wine Producers

Hispanic Wine Producers

Black Wine Producers

Asian Wine Producers

Under the Radar Varietals

Rosé Roundup

Skin Contact Roundup

White Wine Deep Dive

Classic Americana Wines

Summer BBQ Wines

...and more!

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A: There are no substitutions allowed, but here’s where we are asking you to trust us. The Wine Club is about exploration and expanding your palate. We promise to pick palate-friendly and interesting wines. All you have to do is promise to try them with an open mind!

A: Starting on the 1st of every month you can find information on the wines right on our website! When you purchase any Wine Club, you receive an insert describing all the wines and recommended food pairings!

A: It’s about the surprise! It’s about the adventure! It’s about expanding your palate! The easiest way to learn about wine is to taste lots of wine. Go into it with an open mind and you’ll soon be drinking varietals from all over the world with confidence!