A: No, but you can cancel the subscription and re-subscribe with the delivery/pickup method of your choice.

A: Log into your Urban Grape online profile and edit your subscription settings.

A: You can edit the subscription in your Urban Grape online profile, or simply email us to request the change.

A: As of now, we only offer monthly subscriptions. If you would prefer less frequent wine club orders, you can always choose to order a-la-carte during the months of your choice. (You can also place extra orders a-la-carte, if you want multiple of a given month's subscription items).

A: There are no substitutions allowed, but here’s where we are asking you to trust us. The Wine Club is about exploration and expanding your palate. We promise to pick palate-friendly and interesting wines. All you have to do is promise to try them with an open mind!

A: You can find them online during the month, and each Wine Club box comes with a printed description of the wines. We suggest writing notes about your favorites and keeping them to refer back to!

A: The price on TJ’s Urban Cellar Wine Club changes monthly, therefore you cannot subscribe to it. But check the website every month for updated information about his latest offerings!

A: It’s about the surprise! It’s about the adventure! It’s about expanding your palate! The easiest way to learn about wine is to taste lots of wine. Go into it with an open mind and you’ll soon be drinking varietals from all over the world with confidence!