Black Winemakers Gift Box

As America's largest certified Black-owned beverage retailer, The Urban Grape thoughtfully curates wine, beer, and spirits, emphasizing representation for diverse makers, regions, and varietals. To us, diversity means representation – we want every customer to see themselves reflected in the products we carry. This set highlights some of the most exciting Black producers in both California and South Africa.

NV Longevity Blanc de Blancs (Livermore, CA)

All the team at The Urban Grape can talk about IS this Blanc de Blancs lately! Smooth and creamy with a perfectly balanced mouthfeel and mousse-y bubbles, you'll enjoy flavors of green apple and crisp citrus as this bright sparkling wine blossoms in your mouth!
Even better than the wine, however, is Phil Long, the winemaker behind the bottle. As dynamic and effervescent as the bubbles he produces, Phil also makes sure he's advancing the industry through his work at the Association of African American Vintners - proving that his lasting legacy will live on far beyond the wine served at our tables. 

2022 Progressive Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc (Russian River Valley, CA)

We know you’re eager to taste, but if you race right past the nose of this wine, you’ll be missing something special. So, pour a little in your glass, give it a swirl or two, and then stick your nose right in there for a few deep breaths. We smell the tropics, and no matter the weather, our shoulders relax, and we can’t help but smile! The palate balances the smooth flavors of mango, grass, and oak, which make up the backbone of this easy-drinking, high-acid white. On The Urban Grape's Progressive Scale, this wine is a 2W, meaning it’s more about the lean and racy acid than the fruit.
Progressive Wine Co-producer TJ Douglas thinks this wine is lovely on its own as an aperitif (aka an easy-sipping wine you drink with your friends before dinner) or paired with salads, sushi, and fresh cheeses like soft goat cheese.

2020 Aslina Cabernet Sauvignon (Stellenbosch, SA)

Hailing from the rolling hills of Zululand, winemaker Ntsiki Biyela embarked on a life-changing journey to the Cape Winelands, where she discovered her talent and passion for crafting captivating wines. A brand that pays tribute to her beloved grandmother, Aslina comes out of her dream.
This medium-bodied red wine - a 6R on The Urban Grape's Progressive Scale - leads with hints of mint and blackcurrant, with a bold palate, chewy tannins, and plenty of acid, fruit, and oak. Pair with rich, hearty fare like beef stew and friends who feel like family.