*7R* 2018 Owen Roe "Rosa Mystica" Cabernet Franc (Yakima Valley, WA)

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Weight: 7R

Varietal: Cabernet Franc

Region: Yakima Valley, Washington, USA

Minimal Intervention

All of the Owen Roe wines are made with incredible care. The grapes are grown on carefully chosen plots, hand harvested, and fermented in small lots before blending. The "Rosa Mystica" is a blend of grapes from four different Cabernet Franc vineyards, each imparting its own special magic on the final wine. The nose of this wine is bursting with fresh strawberry and Cabernet Franc's signature green pepper. On the palate, this wine turns warm and toasty, with vanilla and baking spice notes combining with dried fruit flavors. Cabernet Franc was relegated to a blending grape for so long - the Rosa Mystica shows how it can shine on its own.