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    *5W* 2023 Adama "HER" Chenin Blanc (Western Cape, SA)


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk

    *5W* 2023 Adama "HER" Chenin Blanc (Western Cape, SA)

    "Her is a brand that relates to the everyday struggle of powerful and graceful women from all strides of life. You either know one or you are one..." - Praisy Dlamini, Winemaker of Adama Wines

    The HER Collection is the first branded wine from Adama Wines, an all-women run company from South Africa. With a heart for community, HER's main goal (other than making delicious wine) surrounds the social & economic development of all farm workers, their families and the community of Bovlei in Wellington, South Africa.

    This Chenin Blanc is bold yet fresh, loaded with tropical and stone fruit aromas leading the way to creamy apple and green melon on your palate. Pair this with a buttery lobster roll!

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    About The Varietal

    Chenin Blanc

    Chenin Blanc, a flexible white wine grape type, has a history of cultivation in France for almost 1300 years. It is predominantly linked with France's Loire Valley but also produces some of South Africa's finest white wines

    About The Producer

    Adama "HER"

    A trailblazer for the South African wine industry, Adama Wines is an all-black, all-female wine company. Their wine is not only made by a black and female winemaker, Praisy Dlamini, but it is also grown, produced, marketed, and distributed by black women. As a group, these women make up the Dynasty Trust which works in partnership with Bosman Adama and Apollo Investments.


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk