Taka Brewery "Noble Arrow" Tokubetsu Junmai Sake 720ml (Chugoku, Japan)


Varietal: Yamada Nishiki Rice and Tamazakae Rice

Region: Chugoku, Japan

An all-around staff favorite! This sake is made by a fourth generation Toji who spent years studying winemaking in France before returning to his family's brewery. Those years of study bring an added level of precision and personality to this estate grower-producer sake. Keffir lime and green melon rind on the nose lead to a luxurious mid palate and sharp, herbacious finish. The limestone covered mountains of this region also add a Chablis-like acidity and minerality that is highly expresssive and adored by old world wine drinkers. "Noble Arrow" sings as a pairing for buttery, garlicky seafood dishes like poached halibut or shrimp.