Michel Couvreur "Intravagan'za" Whiskey Bottle at its Casks Strength (France/Scotland)

ABV: 50% 

Region: France & Scotland 

Michel Couvreur sources small-produced malt whiskies from Scotland and ages them in Burgundy oak casks.  This unique maturation process in used oak wine casks gives their whiskies distinct characteristics and flavors.

After distillation in Scotland, the 'Intravagan'za' is matured in a combination of Moscatel and Oloroso sherry casks. From the first sip, the influence of Oloroso is immediate, with aromas of dried figs, caramel, cinnamon sugar, and toasted grains. The palate is thick and luxurious, with flavors reminiscent of ripe pear, raisin, honey-drenched pastry crust, and cherry infused with brandy - a delightful mix of cooked fruits. Enjoy with a splash of water to fully reveal this unique spirit's full character.