Michel Couvreur "Blossoming Auld Sherried" Single Malt Whisky (Scotland/France)

ABV: 45.5%

Region: Scotland & France 

Michel Couvreur sources small-produced malt whiskies from Scotland and ages them in Burgundy oak casks. This unique maturation process in Burgundy oak casks gives their whiskies distinct characteristics and flavors.

The "Blossoming Auld Sherry" is a recreation of the legendary malt whiskies of the Victorian era, a time when sherry and Scotch were both kept on hand in the cellars of England & Scotland's estates and drawn for consumption when needed. Matured in the freshest possible Montilla-Moriles casks, which creates a redolence of the great wines of Jerez that are not available in modern bottlings. 

Fragrances of Sherry, flowers, vanilla, and dried fruits. Mellow, and long in the mouth. A fabulous balance between the warmth of Sherry and the fresh flavors only barley can produce.