Cervejaria Japas "Matsurika" Jasmine Pilsner (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

ABV: 5.0%

Region: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Female Producers          Latinx Producers          AAPI Producers

Japas brewing is the story of three Brazilian-born, Japanese descended women, who met through their passion for beer. They decided to come together with the intention of deep diving into their origins, and eradicating gender and racial barriers in the beer industry. As a result, each of their creations is infused with traditional Japanese and Brazilian flavors, marrying the two cultures in modern ways.

The Matsurika Jasmine Pilsner is the best of two worlds. It’s got all the flavor of an incredibly well made, crisp pilsner. Mingling with that though is the amazingly subtle note of jasmine, a whiff of florality that floats above the bread-like, herbal notes. The light touch makes this a welcoming invitation to branch out of your normal pilsner routine.