Bushido "Way of the Warrior" Ginjo Genshu Sake 180ml Can (Kyoto, Japan)

Region: Kyoto, Japan

ABV: 18%

This warrior-strength sake is a delicious study of contradictions (such is the way of the warrior, no?). A ginjo-grade sake milled to 60%, the first few sips of this sake are filled with aromas of asian pear, salty watermelon and tart raspberries. But don’t be fooled by this cup’s delicate balance of fruits — at 18% ABV, thisgenshu can get you. While most sake is diluted after pressing with water to bring it to a lower alcohol percentage (15 - 18%), Way of the Warrior is undiluted to keep its flavor striking and vibrant. 

A versatile sake that’s delicious ice cold to slightly warmed, there are no rules on how to pair this sake. That said, when it’shot, we particularly enjoy pouring one over a Ricky’s Lemon Italian Ice for a boozy, beach-friendly slushie.