1978 Darroze "Domaine Le Tuc" Bas-Armagnac (Armagnac, FR)

ABV: 48.5%

Region: Armagnac, France 

Revealing a rich brown hue with glimmers of golden brilliance, this spirit is immersed in the essence of aging. It exudes a captivating blend of scents, prominently featuring notes of cocoa, licorice, leather, and tobacco, creating an intense and exquisitely refined bouquet. On the palate, the initial encounter is graced by velvety tannins, delicately sweet in their approach. This paves the way for a burst of flavors: candied fruits, a symphony of spices, and the enduring allure of rancio, culminating in a remarkably protracted finish. Distilled from a harmonious composition of 50% Baco and 50% Ugni Blanc, it offers a distinctive and memorable sensory experience.