Willie's Superbrew Hard Seltzer w/ Grapefruit & Lime 6pack (Pawtucket, RI)

Over a decade ago, Nico and Willie met over a game of beach volleyball. Nico, a young surfer wandered up to the volleyball crew, and that’s when he first met Willie, an eclectic local goat farmer. Eventually, Willie showed Nico his prized ginger home-brew and Nico knew this recipe couldn’t stay a secret. 

They started making bigger batches, blending ginger in a borrowed Cuisinart and converting a generous friend’s shed into a walk in cooler. Every weekend, they’d pack it into a Honda CRV and take it to local farmers markets. Every week they’d sell out, and that’s when they started to realize they might just have something here.

 From there, it took a lot of help from friends and family (including a critical $20,000 from kind folks on Kickstarter). Now, after 5 years in business, they're brewing out of two incredible facilities and selling in nine states.

These brews are a result of three things: a kind goat farmer, a beautiful beach, and the beauty that comes from real fruit.