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    Rabbit Hole Heigold Rye Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Louisville, KY)

    Sold out

    Rabbit Hole Heigold Rye Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Louisville, KY)

    The bourbon's name, "Heigold Rye," pays tribute to Christian Heigold, a German immigrant who arrived in Louisville during the 1850s. He went on to establish a grocery store and saloon, ultimately leaving a lasting mark on the city's historical landscape.

    Heigold Rye is a high-rye bourbon, meaning its mash bill features a relatively high percentage of rye (along with corn and malted barley), resulting in a bold and spicy flavor profile that helps it stand out in the world of bourbon. This spice, accentuated by undertones of caramel, vanilla, and hints of dried fruit, results in a palate that can only be described as bold. Heigold Rye is a bourbon for those who want their glasses to pack a punch!

    Region: Kentucky