2005 Fuenteseca Reserve Anejo 11 Year (Jalisco, MX)

The next best thing in aged spirits is here! Vintage spirits are where it’s at and Fuenteseca is our top pick for quality aged tequilas.  They should honestly be a household name. Enrique Fonseca is a master distiller who is an artist at bringing the terroir of Jalisco into his tequilas. His experiments with barrel aging have led to an incredible showing of complexity we didn’t know tequilas were capable of.


This 11 year old tequila was distilled in 2006 in a combination of both a double- copper column still and an alembic pot still. It spent 11 years resting in California red wine barrels and French oak barrels. This bottle has notes of dried cherries, caramel, and spice.