Drink Progressively White Wine Kit

Mix your own case to receive 15% off!

 Want to learn to Drink Progressively like Team UG? This kit is for you! 

Using Urban Grape’s Progressive Scale, our unique way of organizing wine from light-bodied to full-bodied, it becomes effortless to choose the perfect bottle for your palate every time! It’s easy once you learn the basics! The Progressive Scale is all about the body of the wine, which we compare to familiar drinks like skim milk, whole milk and heavy cream. 

It is simply fun to discover new wines when you Drink Progressively! 

The Drink Progressively - White kit is for White wine lovers and those interested in exploring our 1W-10W scale!

*1W* 2020 Louis Metaireau “Les Petit Mouton” Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine (Loire Valley, FR) 

*3W* 2018 Freire Lobo “Vigno” Vinho Branco (Dao, Portugal) 

*5W* 2019 Chateau Clos Marsalette Blanc (Passaic-Leognan, FR) 

*7W* 2020 Aslina Chardonnay (Stellenbosch, SA) 

*10W* 2019 Truchard Roussanne (Carneros, CA)