Booker's Bourbon 7 Years 1 Month 10 Days Mighty Fine Batch 2023-03 Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Clermont, KY)

ABV: 63.3%

Region: Clermont, Kentucky, United States 

"The third release of the Booker's Bourbon 2023 Collection is Booker's Batch 2023-03 "Mighty Fine Batch." This batch is named in honor of the signature phrase my dad, Booker Noe, used to compliment anything he approved of - from his namesake bourbon to his country ham." - Distiller Notes

The influence of white oak barrels, where this bourbon matured for more than seven years, shines brilliantly with sweet vanilla and brown sugar notes. The taste is exceptional and full-bodied, and when a dash of water is added, it unveils delightful flavors, concluding with a warm and comforting "Kentucky Hug" in the finish.