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*8R* 2015 Ovid "Experiment No. P5.5" (Napa Valley, California)

*8R* 2015 Ovid "Experiment No. P5.5" (Napa Valley, California)

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Weight: 8R

Varietal: 46% Cabernet Sauvignon   34% Cabernet Franc  14% Merlot  6% Petit Verdot

Region: Napa Valley, CA

We love the Experiment line from Ovid. They are literally just what they say - experiments in winemaking in which they test different theories and try to push the boundries for our tasting pleasure. The P5.5 was an experiment in aging, in which they tested blending wines from different sized aging barrels. The resulting wine had both freshness and integration, and showed how well wines aged differently can play together. This is a lush, full-bodied wine, but the vibrancy is there. The experiment worked!