*8R* 2015 Quintarelli Valpolicella Classico Superiore (Veneto, IT)

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Weight: 8R

Varietal: Corvina

Region: Veneto, Italy 

This bottle is a highly prestigious red wine produced by the legendary Quintarelli family. Giuseppe Quintarelli, the patriarch of the family, was a pioneer in the Valpolicella region and is often considered one of the greatest winemakers in Italy. 

The family is known for thier traditional winemaking methods. For this bottle, the appassimento process is employed, grapes are dried in special drying rooms which concentrates and enhances the flavors. Notes of dark red fruit, black fruit, dried herbs and spices take over your senses and a sip feels like a soft, warm blanket. Even just a taste of this wine is sure to be a memorable and exceptional wine experience.