*6W* 2019 Stewart Cellars Sonoma Mountain Chardonnay (Sonoma Mountains, CA)

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Weight: 6W 

Varietal: Chardonnay 

Region: Sonoma Mountains, California, United States 

Organic      Sustainable

The 2019 Stewart Cellars Chardonnay from the stunning Sonoma Mountains, is like a sip of pure Californian sunshine, bottled with a side of charisma! This wine is a flavor fiesta, with zesty citrus and buttery notes that harmonize like a rock 'n' roll band in perfect tune. It's the vino that'll have you grooving to the rhythm of Chardonnay, transforming any evening into a lively, wine-filled concert. So, grab your glass and let this Chardonnay serenade your senses under the golden California sun. Cheers to the good vibrations of wine and good times!