*3W* 2019 Friedrich Becker Family Pinot Blanc (Pfalz, DE)

Weight: 3W

Varietal: Pinot Blanc

Region: Pfalz, Germany

This bright & lively Pinot Blanc showcases notes of white flowers, pear, tangerine and wet stone at the front, finishing with clean, crisp mineral notes and acidity that makes you rush to your next sip. 

The fox on the label is an ode to Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Grapes" in which a fox, trying to eat grapes from a vine far from his reach states the grapes are sour, rather than admitting his defeat. This resonates with the Becker family as Friedrich Fritz Becker Senior was responsible from turning the estate's focus from grape growing to making wine. Faced with criticism at his start, Friedrich stubbornly continued his pursuit and almost 40 years later, they are seen as one of the best Pinot winemakers in the region.