*2P* 2022 La Fete du Rose Saint Tropez (Cotes de Provence, FR)


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    *3R* 2021 Christina St. Laurent (Niederösterreich, AT)


    Slightly more fruit and body thanks to warmer climates and riper grapes

    *3R* 2021 Christina St. Laurent (Niederösterreich, AT)

    Carbonic maceration gives this wine a little extra pep in its step, zippy red fruit flavors showing front and center. Christina wines are made with as little intervention as possible, leaning into the earth's natural system of checks and balances. The climate in Niederösterreich lends itself perfectly to the growth of St Laurent grapes, and their aromatic, berry-forward personality is clearly at play here.

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    About The Varietal

    St. Laurent

    St. Laurent is a dark-skinned wine grape variety known for its high aromatic profile. It is primarily grown in cool climate regions of central Europe, with Austria and the Czech Republic being the main producers of this grape.

    About The Producer


    Growing up on a family farm managed by both her parents and grandparents, Christina actively participated in various tasks across the farm. Her early involvement ignited a deep passion for wine production. Upon joining her parents in the winery in 2007, Christina dedicated her efforts to discovering the distinctive style of their unique wine-growing region, Carnuntum. Throughout this period, the significance of soil conditions, micro-climates, and natural elements in the vineyards became increasingly important to both her and her husband. Influenced by these factors and the experience of raising their two daughters, they made the decision to transition to organic production in 2013.