2019 Stolpman Vineyards "El Padrino de la Cuadrilla" Magnum (Ballard Canyon, CA)

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Varietal: Syrah, Grenache, Sangiovese 

Region: Ballard Canyon, California, United States

1.5 Liter bottle 

La Cuadrilla, a program started by Stolpman Vineyards, seeks to provide stability to their farmers by offering full time and year-round jobs, along with other incentives such as year-end and hourly bonuses. All of this is supported by the revenue obtained from the sales of their line of wines under the same name.

The Urban Grape teamed up with Stolpman vineyards and five Massachusetts artists to capture their unique styles on 5 magnum bottles of La Cuadrilla’s best reserve. The artists featured on this collection are Sophy Tuttle, Adam O’day, Percy Fortini-Wright, Sean Flood. 

Sean Flood

Sean received his BFA in Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. His characteristic style shows us large cityscapes and urban scenery where one can see the fast-paced life and bustling city sounds that he manages to portray in his work. For this project, Sean brought Ruben Solorzano, one of the minds behind La Cuadrilla, from the California fields to the busy metro/subway setting us citydwellers know so well.

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