*1R* 2020 Angelo Negro "Special Selection: The Piedmont Guy" Unfiltered Brachetto (Piedmont, IT)

Weight: 1R

Varietal: Brachetto

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Organic     Minimal Intervention 

This winemaker prefers not to filter the wine, based on the perspective that filtering strips out some of the flavor and aromatic complexity. Slightly shaking the bottle and mixing it up adds the sediment back in. This will make the wine creamier on the palate and add more flavor. This is a KILLER natural wine.

Tasting note from the winery:

"Cherry red color with purple hue. Cloudy due to presence of residual yeast. Bright, fresh aromatics coupled with delicate hints of violet and rose. A pleasantly tart wine with notes of candied red fruit on the palate. Chill, shake, serve!"