1997 Graham's Vintage Tawny Port 375ml (Douro, Portugal)

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Style: Tawny Port

Age: 1997

Region: Douro, Portugal

375ml bottle 

The wine displays a deep orange-brown center with striking coppery tones at the edges. It exudes scents of quince preserve, accompanied by hints of vanilla, soft caramel, and subtle notes of honey and raisins. The influence of wood aging is evident in the delicate almond and marzipan undertones. A captivating smoky element lingers in the background. The taste features vibrant red fruit flavors that have been rounded by aging in barrels but still maintain their freshness and vitality. An underlying citric acidity contributes to the wine's equilibrium and elegance. The finish is pleasingly long, with a subtle blend of flavors like walnuts, tea, and tobacco.