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    18.21 Bitters "Earl Grey" Bitters (Georgia, USA)

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    18.21 Bitters "Earl Grey" Bitters (Georgia, USA)

    These tea flavored bitters are excellent in a variety of spirits. Bergamot forward and incredibly aromatic with multiple layers and notes of vanilla. Try them in Gin, Bourbon, Whiskey or your favorite Amaro.

    Region: Georgia

    About The Producer

    18.21 Bitters

    During Atlanta's Snowpocalypse in 2014, Missy and Kristin Koefod established 18.21 Bitters. Missy, having overcome cancer a few years prior, opted to leave her law career and pursue her passion. Amidst the snowstorm, they experimented with various ingredients, crafting bitters at home, followed by syrups and shrubs. At 18.21, the goal is to enhance your cocktail experience. The name 18.21 pays homage to the 18th Amendment, which ushered in Prohibition, and the 21st Amendment, which repealed it. Here's to the 21st Amendment! While we may no longer need to conceal our libations, it's still enjoyable to play pretend! Cheers!