General Manager

"I would pick a glass of bubbles any day."

Favorite Wine:
Billecart-Salmon "Sous Bois" Champagne

Patricia O’Connor

Director of Urban Affairs

"Yes, that really is my last name. You are what you drink, right?"

Favorite Wine:
Champagne Krug "Grande Cuvée 168ème Edition"

Alyssa Champagne

Store Manager

“I haven't met many beverages I have not liked, not sure if that's good or bad.”

Favorite Wine:
NV Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé Champagne

Meghan “Tray” Tracey

Assistant Buyer & Lead Sales Specialist

"Who knew talking about grapes could be a life long pursuit!"

Favorite Wine:
*3R* 2015 Olga Raffault "Les Picasses" Chinon (Loire Valley, FR)

James Brett Knight

Executive Assistant to the Founders

"I love the super bright acidity and almost a little herbal dried tea note on the finish."

Favorite Wine:
*2W* 2019 Claude Riffault "Les Chasseignes" Sancerre (Sancerre, FR)

Megan Dunn

Operations Coordinator

"Whenever possible, it's important to see life through rosé colored glasses."

Favorite Wine:
2020 Domaine Ott "Chateau Romassan" Bandol Rose (Provence, FR)

Shawn Evans

Sales Associate

"I'm so excited to learn and grow my knowledge here at the wonderfully unique Urban Grape."

Favorite Wine:
Bunnahabhain 12 Year Single Malt Scotch

Alex Gillah


“I enjoy drinking this in my Beaujolais T-Shirt”

Favorite Wine:
*2R* 2019 Pierre Cotton Brouilly Beaujolais (Burgundy, FR)

Emilie Vermilyea

Sales Associate

"I will go to my grave with a beer in one hand and a bottle of Brunello in the other."

Favorite Wine:
*6R* 2012 Fattoria La Lecciaia Brunello Di Montalcino (Tuscany, IT)

Timothy "Chip" Foarde

Sales Associate

Powered by cats and coffee.

Briana "Bee" Butterworth

sales associate

"I love a 2-1 gin martini with orange bitters and a twist! Bonus points for being purple!"

Favorite Wine:
Victoria Distillers "Empress 1908" Gin (British Columbia, Canada)

Maren Keyt


"Kumusha means “your home” and when I open this bottle, that is exactly what I feel!"

Favorite Wine:
*3W* 2021 Kumusha Sauvignon Blanc (Western Cape, SA)

June Glenn


“Hey..wait..where did I leave my drink?”

Favorite Wine:
*8R* 2012 Bodegas Santo Tomas “Unico Gran Reserva” Tinto (Baja California, MX)

Victor Medina


Randy never forgets a birthday, and we love him for it!

Favorite Wine:
Macallan 12 Year Single Malt

Randy Streeter


"Reminds me of my roots from Haiti!"

Favorite Wine:
LS Cream Liqueur (Haiti)

Christ Genty

packaging specialist

Powered by cats and coffee.

Wynchel Plaisir

packaging specialist

Favorite Wine:
Spindrift Lemon Seltzer (Newton, MA)

Louckens Joseph

Founder and CEO

Wine buyer, head sales guy, lightbulb changer extraordinaire.

Learn more about TJ!

Favorite Wine:
2017 Continuum Proprietary Red

TJ Douglas

Founder and CMO

Marketing schemes and Instagram dreams.

Learn more about Hadley!

Favorite Wine:
The 2006 Lenny Kravitz Dom Perignon Rosé, of course.

Hadley Douglas

Floofiest Good Boy

Lover of head rubs, bully sticks, oomie zoomies, swimming in ponds and pools, long walks, and naps by the fire. Can be found sleeping on beds when he's not supposed to be.

Favorite Wine:
2018 Eugenio Bocchino "Tom" Barbera d'Alba

Zeus Douglas