Open Positions

All of our positions work an average of 40 hours a week providing top-notch customer service to our clients. Benefits include PPO healthcare, 401k, an annual education stipend, and paid vacation. Sales positions combine a base salary and commission, all other positions are hourly or salary. We offer a competitive living wage for all of our positions.

Full Time Sales Associate
The most fun job at The Urban Grape! Our Sales Associates are our most customer-facing role, and are responsible for getting our customers excited about our many products and service offerings! A love of customer service and wine are all you need. You'll receive ample on-the-job training and will taste more wine then you could ever dream of!

Delivery Driver
The Urban Grape's delivery drivers are a group of self-starters who love providing excellent customer service to our clients. They receive PPO healthcare, 401k, and paid vacation. Our drivers are generously tipped by our loyal clientele.

Fulfillment Specialists
The Urban Grape employs a team of fulfillment specialists all year long to assist with client gifting, events, and customer orders. Shifts are flexible. Full time wrappers receive the same benefits as all of our employees: access to PPO healthcare, 401k, and paid vacation.

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