*2W* Maison des Ardoisieres Vin des Allobroges Silice (Savoie, FR)

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Weight: 2W 

Varietal: Jacquere 

Region: Savoie, France 

Maison des Ardoisières Vin des Allobroges Silice reflects the passion and dedication of a winery committed to sustainable and organic grape growing and winemaking practices. Silice, one of Maison des Ardoisières' finest offerings, is a testament to the unparalleled terroir of the Allobroges region. The vineyards, perched on steep slopes adorned with ancient slate formations, thrive amidst a harmonious blend of rocky soils and alpine microclimates. This exceptional terroir imparts Silice with a distinctive character and a sense of place that truly sets it apart.

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