*3P* 2022 Weingut Seehof Rheinhessen Pinot Noir Rose (Rheinhessen, DE)

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Weight: 3P

Varietal: Pinot Noir 

Region: Rheinhessen, Germany 

Situated in the Rheinhessen region of Germany, Seehof's vineyards are primarily characterized by limestone-rich soils, creating optimal conditions for producing earthy, high-acid fruits. While many of the younger generation of winemakers in the country aim to replicate the concentrated style of Klaus Peter Keller, Florian Fauth at Seehof takes a different approach, prioritizing clarity and freshness. It's worth noting that there's a familial connection as Klaus Peter is Florian's brother-in-law.

The Pinot Noir rosé from Seehof is vibrant and reflects its soil influences, offering hints of tangy cherry, strawberry, and the mineral character of wet stones.