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October Urban Sampler: Orchard Picks 

Fall is (finally) upon us! As our palates gradually shift away from rosé  and into lighter reds & fuller whites, we’ve pulled together some  amazing wines to capture the spirit of the season (apple picking,  anyone?). Although cooler weather is on our minds, these wines  are absolutely fantastic with all of your end of summer barbeques,  picnics, and gatherings!  

*3W* 2020 Elicio Vermentino (Méditérranée, France)
Vermentino used to have the reputation of “cold, white, and Italian”  but when treated properly, it can create wine that is truly captivating.  Aromas of citrus leap from the glass, framed by green herbs, with  a salty, mineral finish, and superb texture. This wine is begging for  clam chowder, seafood paella, or ceviche.  

*5W* 2020 Kiona Vineyards Chenin Blanc (Washington, USA)
Chenin blanc thrives in Columbia Valley due to temperature swings  & ample sunlight, ensuring excellent fruit ripening and vibrant acidity.  This 40+ year old-vine Chenin has resh flavors of apricot, nectarine,  and Meyer lemon, with clementine and ginger on the palate. Small  amounts of Chardonnay & Sémillon are blended in to create a wine  of fantastic texture and endless food pairing possibilities. Try it with  your Thai takeout! 

*5R* 2020 Elicio Grenache & Merlot (Méditérranée, France)
Another home run from the talented team at Elicio! A 50/50 blend  of Grenache & Merlot, this wine shows aromas of supple blackberry  & blueberry, sweet spices, and herbs de Provence. You’ll find the  same flavors on the palate, for a wine that is altogether fresh, juicy,  and round. This is your secret weapon for barbecues, pork chops,  or meat lover’s pizza!  

*9R* 2017 Tobin James “Chateau Le Cacheflo” Red Blend  (Paso Robles, USA)
A playful yet full-bodied blend of Syrah, Sangiovese, and Barbera  that evokes the flavors of the Mediterranean. Notes of raspberry,  strawberry, and cranberry, along with a subtle hint of white  peppercorn. The palate is silky, juicy, and a little spicy! For this wine,  think steaks off the grill, braised short rib, or Texas-style chili. 


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