*7W* 2018 Winderlea Chardonnay (Willamette Valley, OR)

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Weight: 7W 

Varietal: Chardonnay 

Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States 

Female Producer 

The 2018 Winderlea Chardonnay from Willamette Valley, Oregon, is like the charismatic charmer at a wine soirée – it's the wine equivalent of a smooth-talking poet with a dash of Oregon flair! This Chardonnay is a tantalizing tango of flavors, where crisp green apples and subtle hints of vanilla waltz gracefully across your palate. It's the vino that'll have you raising your glass in a toast to life's beautiful moments, making any occasion feel like a sophisticated soirée. So, pour a glass and let the Winderlea Chardonnay whisk you away to the captivating world of Oregon wine. Cheers to the elegance of taste and the good times it brings!