2.4.21 Wine 101: Demystifying Terroir!

Thursday, February 4, 6-7 PM

With special guest Theresa Heredia! 

The meaning of the word 'terroir' is so complex, that instead of bothering to translate it, we just accepted it into the English lexicon! From the French 'terre,' meaning 'earth,' it can very loosely be translated to English as 'a sense of place.' But all wine professionals know it's not that easy to define.

Helping us get a grip on this multi-layered topic is Gary Farrell winemaker Theresa Heredia. Theresa was a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry at U.C. Davis before leaving to follow her calling as a hands-on winemaker. She joined Gary Farrell in 2012 and has done extensive work isolating the different terroirs of the Russian River Valley. She works closely with some of the region's most renowned growers and believes in creating wines that are a pure expression of their vineyard site. Sip along with us on some truly special offerings from Gary Farrell Winery and get to know a bit more about the earth that created them!

Wines in bundle:
2017 Gary Farrell Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 
2016 Gary Farrell Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir

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