Kizakura Co. Tozai "Snow Maiden" Nigori Junmai Sake 180ml Can (Kinki, Japan)

Size: 180ml

Varietal: Gohyakumangoku Rice

Region: Kinki, Japan

A delightful choice for anyone's first foray into Nigori (cloudy) sake, flavors of honeydew melon and raw pumpkin meld with a distinct "ricey" quality in this full bodied yet fresh Junmai. The creamy texture and slight sweetness make this an ideal pairing for spicy, zesty foods. 

Drink this Nigori ice cold. Better yet, stick it in your freezer for a frozen treat. Nigori sakes have a bit of thesake lees,or fermented rice, added back into the tank after sake is pressed to give it its signature cloudy appearance, creamy texture and off-dry character. More subdued than most Nigori on the market, Snow Maiden’s slight sweetness and bright, vibrant flavors compliment anything from spicy foods (think Riesling) to cheesecake.